Monday, October 26, 2015

Commission on Judicial Performance Controversy: Judge Discipline Process Secrecy Questioned

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The Commission on Judicial Performance and Director Victoria B. Henley have long been criticized for excessive secrecy when investigating allegations of judge misconduct in California

A Central Valley political science professor has published an editorial criticizing the state Commission on Judicial Performance for conducting secretive, "under the radar" deliberations when it considers allegations of judge misconduct brought by the public. After he filed a complaint against a court commissioner - which was summarily dismissed by the CJP - Tamir Sukkary was surprised at what he learned about CJP procedures. 
"[I] found out from my state senator's office that the CJP's meetings are neither open to the public, nor subject to the California Public Records Act, Brown Act or Freedom of Information Act," Sukkary wrote. "Not even the CJP clerical staff is allowed to attend during deliberations. Why is the commission operating in such a secretive fashion? Isn't the commission supposed to be serving the public?"
The full editorial is posted below, or at this Scribd page. Sukkary has been profiled by CBS News in Sacramento and runs a YouTube Channel featuring educational videos on political science and the Middle East. For additional reporting about the CJP, visit California Commission on Judicial Performance News.   

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