Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sacramento Family Law Court Protest: Hon. Robert C. Hight - Hon. James M. Mize - Hon. Peter J. McBrien

Sacramento Family Court Protest Against Corruption and Judge Peter McBrien - Kept in Office by Testimony from Judges Robert Hight and James Mize 

From the documentary film Divorce Corp

Sacramento Family Law Court Protest - Judicial Council of California - California Supreme Court - CJP Victoria Henley from Sacramento Family Court News on Vimeo.

Sacramento Family Court reform activists conduct a demonstration in this clip from the documentary Divorce Corp. Among other issues, the demonstration raised awareness of family court corruption and the failure of the Commission on Judicial Performance to remove Judge Peter McBrien from the bench after his second misconduct prosecution by the CJP. Defense character witness testimony on McBrien's behalf by Sacramento Judges Robert Hight and James Mize was cited by the CJP as a mitigating factor which reduced McBrien's punishment and allowed him to remain on the bench.

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