Monday, April 8, 2019

Prosecutor Misconduct: Failure to Prosecute White Collar Crimes by Divorce Lawyers in Santa Clara County Triggers Recall Against DA Jeffrey Rosen

District Attorney Jeffrey Rosen #163589 District Attorney Santa Clara County  Alison Filo #183894 Deputy District Attorney Santa Clara County   Daniella Rich #313163 Deputy District Attorney Santa Clara County   Jay Boyarsky #154387 Chief Assistant District Attorney David Angel #164656 Assistant District Attorney Stacey Capps #187246 Assistant District Attorney James Gibbons-Shapiro #173167 Assistant District Attorney Terry Harman #172176 Assistant District Attorney Scott Tsui #161126 Assistant District Attorney Brian Welch #154586 Assistant District Attorney
A taxpayer group frustrated by unprosecuted white collar
and public corruption crimes is considering a recall
campaign against Jeff Rosen, district attorney of
Santa Clara County. Rosen's wife is Judge Amber Rosen.
From Campbell Patch: "The red, star shaped plastic magnets were seen this week around the Santa Clara County Civic Center on newspaper racks, parking meters, traffic signs, and even a Sheriff's Department van parked in front of the county jail.

The small text on each reads "RECALL DA JEFF ROSEN," and includes a website URL,"

Read the full article at Campbell Patch.

A group of Santa Clara County taxpayers are exploring the feasibility of a campaign to recall Jeff Rosen, the district attorney for the county. The group alleges that Rosen has engaged in waste, fraud, abuse of authority, and violation of law, as those terms are defined in the California Government Code.
Among other issues, Rosen has failed or refused to prosecute public corruption and white collar crime, has failed to comply with crime victim laws, and has botched rape and domestic violence cases. Rosen’s office is rife with sexism, he protects his personal friends who work in the office from accountability, and he retaliates against whistleblowers.
Sacramento County family court watchdogs say they are considering a recall against district attorney Anne Marie Schubert for the same reasons. "Schubert has ignored white collar crimes by lawyers and public corruption crimes by judges for a long time," said court reform advocate Ulf Carlsson. "The Sacramento County district attorney effectively has given lawbreaking attorneys and judges immunity from prosecution. We need to seriously consider this recall option."

The Santa Clara County campaign has a website at

District Attorney Jeffrey Rosen #163589 District Attorney Santa Clara County, Alison Filo #183894 Deputy District Attorney, Daniella Rich #313163 Deputy District Attorney, Jay Boyarsky #154387 Chief Assistant District Attorney, David Angel #164656 Assistant District Attorney, Stacey Capps #187246 Assistant District Attorney, James Gibbons-Shapiro #173167 Assistant District Attorney, Terry Harman #172176 Assistant District Attorney, Scott Tsui #161126 Assistant District Attorney, Brian Welch #154586 Assistant District Attorney
"RECALL DA JEFF ROSEN" star magnets were distributed around
Santa Clara County government offices by an anonymous taxpayer group
considering a recall of the controversial district attorney

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Judge James Towery Santa Clara County 2018 Family Court Judge of the Year - Worst Family Court Judge in Silicon Valley

FCAC Sunday Satire: The votes are in and counted. Family court victims from throughout Silicon Valley have named James Towery the worst family court judge in 2018. Towery won for bias against pro per litigants who can't afford a lawyer, cronyism with all his lawyer buddies, and failure to follow state law, including the California Family Code and Code of Judicial Ethics.

Congratulations Jim! Your award will be presented by Santa Clara County Presiding Judge Deborah Ryan, and Assistant Presiding Judge Ted Zayner. The Family Court Accountability Coalition has commissioned a portrait to be presented at the awards banquet. We hope the judge will hang the portrait in his courtroom. A photo of the portrait is below. 

Jeffrey Rosen SBN 163589 District Attorney Santa Clara County; Alison Filo SBN 183894 Deputy District Attorney; Daniella Rich SBN 313613 Deputy District Attorney; Judge Deborah Ryan SBN 77994 Presiding Judge Santa Clara County Superior Court; Judge Patricia Lucas SBN 88802 -Case Number C1777801 – Tani Cantil-Sakauye SBN 114470 Chief Justice California Supreme Court , Hon. James Towery Santa Clara County
Judge James Towery will receive his [worst] Judge of the Year Award 2018 from Santa Clara County Presiding Judge Deborah Ryan and Assistant Presiding Judge Theodore Zayner. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Liar Liar: Santa Clara County Judge Erica Yew Condemns Self to Eighth Circle of Hell in Testimony to Legislature

California 6th District Court of Appeal Justice Conrad L. Rushing, Justice Eugene M. Premo, Justice Franklin D. Elia, Justice Patricia Bamattre-Manoukian, Justice Nathan D. Mihara, Justice Miguel Marquez, Justice Adrienne M. Grover Sixth District Court of Appeal California - Santa Clara County Superior Court, Judge Patricia Lucas, Judge Deborah Ryan, Judge James Towery, Judge Maryann Grilli, Judge Rise Pichon, Judge Erica Yew, Superior Court of California County of Santa ClaraCalifornia Commission on Judicial Performance Director Victoria B. Henley Chief Council – Director William Dresser - CJP Chairperson Anthony P. Capozzi, Vice-Chairperson Justice Ignazio J. Ruvolo,
Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Judge Erica Yew believes
the California Commission on Judicial Performance "has done a great job."
Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Santa Clara County Judge Erica Yew has made the demonstrably false claim that the California Commission on Judicial Performance is effective at its mission to oversee and hold accountable judges in the state. 

To the legislature.

On video.

To be precise, Yew said this:
"[The Commission on Judicial Performance] has done a great job of making sure that judges who shouldn't have that job are removed from office, or are disciplined, or receive some indication that what they're doing is not proper, privately, so that they can readjust."
Seeing is believing: With your own eyes, watch Yew make this statement - incredibly, with a straight face - in the video at the bottom of this post.

In Dante Alighieri's Inferno, part of the Divine Comedy, Malebolge is the eighth circle of Hell. In Dante’s version of hell, categories of sin are punished in different circles, with the depth of the circle (and placement within that circle) symbolic of the amount of punishment to be inflicted.

Sinners placed in the upper circles of hell are given relatively minor punishments, while sinners in the depths of hell endure far greater torments. As the eighth of nine circles, Malebolge is one of the worst places in hell to be. It is where the souls of alchemists, impostors, counterfeiters, and liars are sent.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Judge Erica Yew Misconduct Allegations: Meme Collection Commemorating Seven Years of Incompetence Released

Santa Clara County Judge Erica Yew in 2010 was appointed to the California Commission on Judicial Performance by the Supreme Court and controversial Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye. The CJP is the independent state agency responsible for investigating complaints of judicial misconduct and for disciplining judges.

Yew was reappointed to the CJP in 2011 and 2015, and her current term ends in 2019. Court reform advocates assert that Yew has failed at the job, and instead of protecting the public from bad judges, Yew has protected bad judges from accountability for misconduct. Yew has played a critical role in maintaining the code of silence about the epidemic level of lawbreaking by judges in California, according to judicial branch whistleblowers.

In recognition of her commitment to concealing judge misconduct, in 2017 Tani Cantil-Sakauye and the Judicial Council of California gave Yew a "Distinguished Service Award."

In recognition of her seven years of disservice to the public as a member of the CJP, Anonymous Whistleblowers recently issued a special, limited edition set of memes featuring Judge Erica Yew.

The anonymous group monitors judges who fail to comply with section 3D(1) of the California Judicial Ethics Code. Section 3D(1) requires judges to self-police, and to report misconduct by other judges. Court reform advocates have documented that judges throughout the state routinely ignore the law. 

SUPREME COURT: Supreme Court of California Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye, Justice Goodwin Liu, Justice Ming W. Chin, Justice Kathryn M. Werdegar, Justice Carol A. Corrigan, Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuellar,  Justice Leondra Kruger  California Supreme Court - California Commission on Judicial Performance Director Victoria B. Henley Chief Council – Director William Dresser - CJP Chairperson Anthony P. Capozzi, Vice-Chairperson Justice Ignazio J. Ruvolo,  Chairperson Judge Erica R, Yew CJP

Monday, May 15, 2017

17 Years Later, Sacramento County Family Court Problems Persist - Whistleblowers Allege Court Operates as Racketeering Enterprise

The report embedded with this post is by investigative reporter and attorney Karen Winner, and is provided by the California Protective Parents Association. Court watchdogs assert that the problems highlighted 17 years ago in this 2000 report have not been corrected.

subsequent audit by the California State Auditor found additional problems, many of which the court refused to fix, according to follow up reports from State Auditor Elaine Howle.

Whistleblowers allege that the Sacramento Family Court system continues to operate as what amounts to a racketeering enterprise which deprives the public of the federally protected right to honest government services.