About the Family Court Accountability Coalition

The Family Court Accountability Coalition engages in Judicial, Legislative and Executive Branch advocacy on behalf of socioeconomically disadvantaged family court stakeholders. To facilitate our advocacy objectives, FCAC collects, compiles and disseminates court data, including statistics, studies and reports. On our blog, FCAC provides family court news, information, and examples of the favoritism and preferential treatment provided to divorce attorneys by judges throughout the state. 

Empirical data reveals that many California family courts operate a two-track system of justice where unrepresented litigants are treated differently than litigants with counsel. The most dramatic disparities often occur in cases where only one party is represented by a lawyer. In one-attorney cases, pro per litigants routinely are deprived of fair and equitable judicial decisions on critical issues like child custody, support, and the division of community assets. In many California jurisdictions, oversight and accountability for judge and attorney misconduct is nonexistent. 

Like a library, we also guide members of the public to appropriate legal materials so they can conduct their own legal research. FCAC and our staff take great care to avoid the unauthorized practice of law. The staff of FCAC will not give legal opinions or advice, nor will they comment upon or explain the meaning of legal materials. We also do not fill out legal forms or advise on how to fill out a legal form. 


If you are unable or unwilling to conduct your own legal research, we recommend the following resources: 
  • For help for filling out a legal form, one option is to hire a Legal Document Assistant. To locate a Legal Document Assistant, contact the California Association of Legal Document Assistants at www.calda.org
  • For Family Court matters, contact the Family Law Facilitator in your county. The Judicial Council of California provides a Family Law Facilitator Directory at this link
  • For all legal matters, the Judicial Council also offers information about free and lost cost legal help at this link
  • To hire an attorney, contact your local Bar Association or use the State Bar of California website. The State Bar offers a useful brochure "How Can I Find and Hire the Right Lawyer." 
  • The State Bar also offers the following pamphlets, and other titles, at this link
    • How Do I Use The Small Claims Court
    • What Should I Know About Divorce and Custody


  1. I'm so confused about a lot of things like why this judge still works I found out that this was the same judge during my unbelievable encounter with Marin county as well I was scared to say the least. I don't believe any of this crap because I E-mailed this lawyer and I have proof solid proof and she lied to me and said she didn't accept cases in Marin county. Now tell me why would a lawyer say that to me if she were honestly trying to press charges on this Judge especially without seeing my evidence because I have it and she tossed me aside. Weird maybe even when she lost people were wanting to hire her because she had enough balls to fight but reality is she didn't fight worth a dime.

  2. Marin county breaks the laws courts are full of shit they do whatever they want how they want what time they want to do it and nobody stops them. children are being adopted out and that's just unbelievable to me literally our children are being kidnapped and nobody does a damn thing. Do you ever see a rich family in family court, No because they have the money to fight cps so who do they pre on poor women its discusting that our government allows this to happen, what a fucking joke to me.