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  1. I am pleased about the mission of your organization. I am currently writing a book titled, "The Perfect Pro Per, The Quest for "Justice for All", and my blog will be up and running by the middle of April 2016. Thank you.

    1. Please contact me about how the routine denial of FC 2030 and CCP 391 are being used together to punish women in family court. three motions for fees denied, a motion to vacate a void order is called frivolous (not in Carlson v Eassa tho'), then I am declared vexatious. 1-92-FL027294

  2. We would love to collaborate with your organization. Currently, we have over 8 organizations involved in supporting our petition & upcoming protest, including a government agency. Please visit our website & let us know if we could add you as well. Thank you so much. It's time we clean house.

  3. I was left in pro per after three FC 2030 motions, then declared vexatious for motion to vacate a void order (order violated FC 4065, the rules of a trust, and even ordered grantors of trust to 'mediate' over trust neither party had standing to raise any issues. Santa Clara Co. Case No. 192FL027294. Returning to court soon, got court watchers?