Monday, April 28, 2014

Epic FAIL: McGeorge Law School Professor John E.B. Myers Attributes Lack of Family Court Justice to Judicial Council Forms

Sacramento Judge James Mize Apologist Attempts Diversion from Divorce Corp Documentary Scandal

Special Guest Editorial: Opinion by Cathy Cohen

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McGeorge School of Law Professor John Myers blames
family court injustice on too many Judicial Council forms.
In a laughably inaccurate editorial published by the Sacramento Bee, McGeorge School of Law family law professor John E.B. Myers redefined the meaning of the out-of-touch, ivory tower academic. Among other clueless assertions, Myers made the epic LOL, demonstrably false claim that:

“Sacramento’s family court, under the wise leadership of Judge James Mize, serves the community well.”

Family court watchdogs have collected and catalogued overwhelming evidence that Judge Mize provides anything but “wise leadership,” and that the court – which operates essentially as an organized, criminal enterprise – serves only a select, exclusive group of judge pro tem lawyers. The community at large, and especially those financially disadvantaged family court users without an attorney, are subjected to second-class status under an illegal two-track system of justice