Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye Starves Courts of Funding, Spends Millions on Limo and Security Service for High Court Judges

Judicial Council Chair Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye Caught on Camera Using Highway Patrol as Personal Taxi Service

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Tani Cantil-Sakauye caught in the act by News10 in Sacramento.
ABC News10 in Sacramento has caught California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye in the act of using the California Highway Patrol as a personal taxi and security service at taxpayer expense.

Emmy Award winning News10 investigative reporter Thom Jensen and his photographer tailed Cantil-Sakauye and her personal, armed CHP officer and driver to her home in a gated community in the Sacramento area.

As the video records, Jensen received an inhospitable reception from the chief justice and her CHP valet. At minute 1:40 of the clip, former 3rd District Court of Appeal Justice Arthur Scotland is caught on camera telling a lie to cover for Cantil-Sakauye - his long-time former colleague from Sacramento County Superior Court, the Third District Appellate Court, and the Deukmejian administration...

Click here to read the complete article at Supreme Court of California News.

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