Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tulare County Family Court Services

At this link, Tulare County Family Court provides the following services for families and children:

  • Child custody recommending counseling: It is mandated in Family Code section 3160 that parents be referred to mediation if they do not have a parenting plan for their child or children at the time of their court hearing. If you are referred to Family Court Services at the hearing and do not reach an agreement, the child custody recommending counselor will provide information and recommendations to the court in writing before your court hearing takes place.
  • Child custody mediation: this is a confidential process in which the parents are assisted in developing a plan of custody and visitation, but if there is no agreement, the mediator does not provide information to the court. Appointments for mediation are available in the afternoon in Family Court Services.
  • Juvenile dependency mediation: The juvenile court may refer cases to mediation for custody and visitation exit orders as well as discussion of of other issues as ordered. The mediator will send any agreements to the court or will let the court know if no agreement is made.
  • Limited investigation in child custody cases may be conducted when ordered by the court, as provided in Family Code section 3112. There may be a cost assessed for this investigation.
  • Pre-marital interviews for juveniles who petition for a marriage license, per Family Code sections 302 and 304.
  • Investigation of Guardianship and Conservatorship petitions pursuant to Probate Code sections 1513 and 1826.
  • Stepparent adoption investigations on requests for adoption, pursuant to Family Code section 9001. Click here for local forms and instructions for filing in Tulare County.

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