Friday, June 5, 2015

Judge James Mize Corruption, Cronyism: Rehires Dishonest, Controversial Judge Peter J. McBrien

Perjury and Lies by Judge Peter McBrien Documented by the Commission on Judicial Performance in Whistleblower Leaked Records

Judge Kevin R. Culhane – Hon. Kevin R Culhane – Judge Kevin Culhane -California Supreme Court Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, Justice Goodwin Liu, Justice Carol Corrigan, Justice Leondra Kruger, Justice Ming Chin, Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuellar, Kathryn Werdegar Supreme Court of California
Sacramento Superior Court Judge Peter McBrien's personal vendetta
against Ulf Carlsson was detailed and reenacted in the 2014
documentary Divorce Corp.

False testimony under oath by Judge Peter McBrien is documented by the Commission on Judicial Performance in this set of whistleblower leaked documents, embedded below. The CJP is the state agency responsible for the oversight and accountability of judges in California. 

McBrien's serial misconduct in the Carlsson divorce case led to his prosecution by the CJP and was chronicled in the 2014 documentary film Divorce Corp. To view a clip from the movie featuring an interview with Ulf Carlsson describing what a court of appeal judge called McBrien's "judicial reign of terror," click here.

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Sacramento Superior Court watchdogs allege that the judge also is responsible for a family court criminal racketeering enterprise involving collusion and kickbacks between judges and divorce lawyers who also work as part-time judges in the same court. Click here for an investigative report by Sacramento Family Court News.

McBrien retired from the bench in 2014, but was authorized to continue working as a family court commissioner by controversial Sacramento County Presiding Judge Robert Hight and troubled family court Supervising Judge James Mize

Court reform advocates were outraged that Hight and Mize rehired McBrien to be a court commissioner, and called the move flagrant cronyism. Hight testified as a character witness in support of McBrien at the judge's 2009 CJP prosecution. Mize also testified as a character witness for McBrien. 

The character witness testimony was cited by the CJP as a "mitigating factor" that significantly reduced McBrien's punishment and allowed him to remain on the bench. Even with the testimony, two CJP commissioners stated they would have removed McBrien from office, and dissented from the decision to allow him to remain a judge. 

Court whistleblowers also contend that Judge McBrien set up and heads an alleged RICO racketeering criminal enterprise operating in the family law division of Sacramento County Superior Court. The alleged organization involves a for-profit conspiracy between judges and attorneys who also work as sworn temporary judges and run the family court settlement conference program.

"McBrien is the glue that holds the [racketeering] scheme together," said court watchdog Ulf Carlsson. "Hight and Mize know that without him, the whole thing could unravel and people will go to jail like they did in the Kids for Cash scandal in Pennsylvania."  

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