Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paula D. Salinger Violates State Law, Court Rules: No Enforcement by Sacramento Court Clerks and Judges - Judge Pro Tem Preferential Treatment

Sacramento County Judge Pro Tem & Divorce Attorney Paula Salinger Allowed to File Unlawful Documents with Court

Sacramento County Family Court watchdogs and whistleblowers allege that the public court is operated by, and for the financial interests of the Sacramento County Bar Association Family Law Section. The organization dictates court policies and procedures, including local rules, which work to the advantage of member attorneys and to the disadvantage of "outsider" attorneys and especially the 70 percent of litigants who cannot afford counsel and are self-represented. 

This responsive declaration filed by a pro per litigant details unlawful tactics used by SCBA Family Law Section attorneys. Divorce attorney Paula Salinger is a sworn temporary judge of Sacramento County Superior Court and a member of the SCBA Family Law Section. Sacramento Family Court watchdogs and whistleblowers have documented that court administrators and employees unlawfully provide preferential treatment for divorce lawyers who also serve as judge pro tems in the same court. This is the first document in a two-document set consisting of this responsive declaration and the companion memorandum of points and authorities. Click here to view the memorandum.

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