Thursday, August 18, 2016

Attorney Keri Evilsizor Allegedly Used Men as "Breeding Stock" in Contra Costa County Family Court Drama

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Attorney Keri Evilsizor leaves a court hearing where she succeeded in having the father of her daughter jailed on contempt of court charges. 

A prominent Contra Costa County lawyer who recently had the father of her daughter jailed on contempt of court charges in a family court dispute, also has been accused of allegedly using men as "breeding stock."

Court records leaked by a state court watchdog group suggest that lawyer Keri Anne Evilsizor used two men to produce children, and then misused the court system and state child custody laws to deprive the men of their parental rights, leaving her the sole parent.

The "breeding stock" allegation was part of an op-ed published at the California Supreme Court & Judicial Branch Report.  The opinion piece is reprinted below:

SUNDAY OPINION from the Commission on Judicial Performance Reform Project:
The CJPRP editorial board commends the stand taken by the Center for Judicial Excellence in support of Joe Sweeney in his family court dispute.
It is the right thing to do, demonstrates that CJE is committed to reforming the courts for all victims, and elevates the credibility of the invaluable organization.
It would be easy - and safe - for CJE to stay out of the Evilsizor-Sweeney dispute, but anyone who has looked closely at the case and reviewed the court records knows something is amiss.
Keri Evilsizor is a lawyer who is using the law in bad faith, and in an unethical, abusive, and likely illegal way. Court records indicate that Evilsizor did the same thing to the father of her first child that she is now doing to Joe Sweeney, in real time, and right before our eyes. It appears to be her M.O.
As crass as this may sound, court records suggest that Evilsizor apparently is using susceptible men as breeding stock, and then misusing the law to deprive them of their parental rights. After the men serve their purpose, she wants them out of the picture and will stop at nothing to accomplish that result.
In our view, it appears that for no legitimate reason, Evilsizor ultimately does not want her children to have any contact with their biological father(s), which any mental health professional will verify is a symptom of a serious mental health issue.
And as a female attorney, Evilsizor is giving women, feminism, feminists and domestic violence prevention advocates a black eye, and jeopardizing the progress that has been made in DV protection and DV law by misusing existing laws in the worst possible way.
We applaud the Center for Judicial Excellence for their brave support of Joe Sweeney.

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